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  • Sorry for a late reply, but I’m trying to understand this…

    I would like to categorise my Users using a taxonomy. In fact, I’d like that taxonomy to be the same one as used by Posts.

    Does adding taxonomies to Users in ACF accomplish this, or not?
    Like the original poster, I can use ACF to successfully add, to my Edit User pages, both 1) my Posts categories taxonomy and 2) a custom taxonomy created by the plugin (new version, LH User Taxonomies).

    As for 2) the custom taxonomy – similar to the original post: checking the box for any of the options in either the ACF-derived checkbox list or the one put on the same page by the plugin produces a different result – ie. the checkmarks do not correspond, the data is going somewhere else.

    As for 1) adding the Posts category to a User edit page – how can I learn more about what exactly is happening when I save a user, having clicked on a Post category? Where is this data going?

    If ACF etc can’t be used, is there another way to accomplish this?