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  • Here’s another recent topic,, but I do remember others that use genesis having this problem.

    But this is usually a problem when people try to use get_field to return then entire array and not something that is usually a problem when using the acf have_rows and while loop, so this is a little confusing and I’m not sure that it’s the same issue or that my first post is right

    It should work no matter what is in $post_object (object or ID) but you could try

    if( $post_object ):
      if( have_rows('project_images', $post_object->ID) ):
        while ( have_rows('project_images', $post_object->ID) ) : the_row();

    The only other thing I see to ask about is what it the ‘project_image’ sub field set to return, an image array, ID or URL?