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  • Hi woutervanerp;

    I apologize for the long delay between now and my last response, things have been a bit hectic on my end.

    I’m not sure how you are executing your update if you aren’t using acf_form() to render the frontend form. If you are trying to update the post via standard WP functions, the acf action above won’t be fired.

    If you are absolutely sure you cannot use acf_form, then you would need to be properly serializing everything when storing to the database.

    That all said, as a frontend form, you would want to use the original version but with the standard save_post action as the hook instead of acf/save_post. You would also want to check for the proper form element names instead of $_POST[‘acf’][*].

    Depending on how you code this (I am assuming AJAX), you could return a status code in several different ways. The easiest in an AJAX call would be to add a json_encode followed by wp_die() at the end of your success callback.

    echo json_encode( array(
        'success'=> $success
    ) );