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  • James,

    I was kind of busy lately (good for me), so I didn’t had the time to reply to you.
    But to be more specific at my initial question, I’m looking for a way to edit parts of a page/post that is populated with ACF functionality. I don’t intend to create a new post or page, just edit a couple of fields that are, at the time only available on the back-end, to be altered on the front-end.
    These edits must be saved, and the result of it must be reflected on the front-end.
    In other words: a WP Admin has a numerous of fields to fill out in the back-end for a particular page to be shown at the front-end (for clients).
    Some of these fields may never be altered by a client, but must be altered by a WP Admin when things progress.
    Now I want to get this WP Admin kept away from the default WP Dashboard, and do his/her changes on the front-end when logged in successfully.
    So, when a WP Admin has logged in, he gets a ‘Change parameters’ button on the front-end (he never is redirected to the WP Dashboard). Clicking that button must present him/her with some sort of form to alter the fields he only has access to. And after completing an confirming the changes they are saved to WP and reflected to the front-end for the client.
    For example. A Client has requested to buy another 5 items. I want the WP Admin to confirm this on the front-end, so the client sees (on the front-end) he requested for the additional 5 item buy. These items are not bought yet. This is another process following the same principle.