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  • I’m not entirely sure what you mean by “without giving too much away”. I’m not the developer of ACF, I just help out here on the forums and try to solve problems. Like you I’m just a user, I would need to dig around in the ACF code myself to figure it out.

    That said, I have attempted to recreate what you’re seeing without any luck. I have create field groups on posts and options pages, the same groups and different groups. I even set up two groups on two pages and used the same field name for the repeater. Even in this case I still got an array back, the problem that is cause was that the values from one options page would overwrite the values saved on a the other options pages, so it didn’t cause any problem with what was returned.

    Generally, where this has happened in the past it has been my experience that it’s generally caused by some other plugin or some filter being run that is somehow interfering with ACF. If I could duplicated this error consistently on a test site I would report it as a bug to the developer.

    If you’d like, I can test your the field groups that are not returning the correct value on a test site where I’m running a bare WP installation with an unaltered default theme and only ACF.