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  • Okay I did a little more digging on this. I’m still seeing an issue between ACF 5.3.1 and ACF In my theme everything works as expected. Our issue seems to be in a custom plugin where we start to get weird results. If I call get_field on a repeater I get the item count and if I call get_field on a flexible_content field I get an array of the field types, but none of the content for the groups.

    So I tried a few things to fix this:

    1. I was loading the fields via the init action, but that was in my theme, so I moved those to a custom plugin. In both 5.3.1 and the fields fail to load if I’m loading the custom fields from the exported PHP definitions. If I move the fields back to the DB then 5.3.1 works and fails.
    2. So the PHP field groups not loading made me think this was simply a hook priority thing so I set my field groups to a low priority number for early execution and then changed my plugin to a high priority late execution. This still gave the same odd results.
    3. Then I switch back to loading the fields from the DB. In this case 5.3.1 went back to working. still failed so I left my plugin to late init with a priority of 999, but again that still didn’t work.

    So to confirm, my theme works perfectly with no loading issues. It’s in my plugin where the issues arise. Hopefully this helps a bit.