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  • Hey John, first and foremost thanks for even responding! I know that my question is pretty elementary for the coders here. In fact, I was thinking that I may have not even asked the question using the right terms.

    I have no problem searching for the info, in fact I kinda look forward to searching for this kinda thing because I always learn 10 other things I never knew lol.

    Reason why my question mentions a simple text input was because I was trying to keep it simple, for me to learn and also for an easier answer from a dev. I was thinking that i could do something as simple as:

    because I do have a good plugin that allows me to do php right in editor
    <img src="<?php the_field('direct_image_url'); ?>" />

    But like you said, it’s gonna take hook and filters, which may be over my head for now. I think I first need to learn how to even display / render generic custom fields on the edit page.. and then revisit this.