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  • The fields are not actually there. The stored sort order values for the fields that were not deleted are just never updated. And the count for the total number of fields that shows at the “Field Groups” root level is also not updated.

    I originally did view the source to see if they were just hidden in the UI, but they are gone. And if I touch any of them to change the sort order they update to the proper 1, 2, 3, 4.

    It’s like they are being removed by some process that does not trigger any UI or DB updates for the stored sort and total fields values.

    I currently have a test going with 10 fields. 4 color pickers, 2 text, 2 WYSIWYG, and 2 images. (to see if somehow a specific field type is being removed) or if modifying a specific field type somehow triggers the series of events that ends up with random deletions.

    So far I’ve done everything I can think to do… update values change sort orders, exit the page, export to PHP, click the dreaded update button, and all 10 fields remain.

    That said, I don’t feel even remotely safe as fields have been randomly deleted on no fewer than 6 occasions so far.

    The only difference so far is that this field group has not been exported and used in my template config.php for the Landing Pages plugin. I wonder if somehow the config.php accessing these fields is deleting some of them?

    This is maddening.