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  • I’m using the 2016 theme. The site has no pages, and no posts. Only a single test “landing page” using the Landin Pages plugin.

    I’ve attached 2 screenshots showing the one UI falsely showing 10 fields (which were once there) and the actual fields that remain after 6 were randomly deleted.

    Deactivating the other 3 plugins is not really an option, as those are all needed.

    It’s hard to determine what user-flow is causing the issue so it can be easily replicated.

    I just clicked “update” while viewing my 4 fields and one of them vanished.

    I then hit update a few more times, exited and returned to that section and hit update a few more times but it never removed more.

    I’ve since added another field (bringing me back to 4) and clicking update has not yet removed one of those.

    Not being able to consistently reproduce the bug will make this difficult. It’s entirely possible your test environment has the same bug but has not triggered it yet.