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  • UPDATE 1/28/16:
    I solved my issue. At the time I wrote that theme, I used the php spl_autoload_register() function to instantiate a class that uses ACF fields. Somewhere in the loading sequence, ACF no likey. Instead, I call that class w/ the WP action “init” and it’s good to go. Hope this helps somebody else!


    I’m having a very similar issue, except the difference is I don’t have any tab fields, or any other fields with the same name as the multiple repeater fields that are throwing back the error.

    I’m using ACF on a multisite environment. All the sites running the same theme have the issue. I have the exact same plugin running, and a different theme where these issues don’t exist.

    I know that sounds like it’s gotta be my theme! But I’ve looked for dup’s of the field name in my PHP registered fields AND the WP back-end registered fields.

    It looks like the problem is only happening with repeater fields that were registered via PHP. And the problem only has come up after an update of either WP and/or ACF 5. I didn’t realize it until after both those have been upgraded.

    What I’ve tried:
    -Recreate the fields and update the PHP code to register them. Creating them with the same name didn’t fix it. If I renamed the repeater field, it worked.
    -Comment out PHP registered fields and use same fields names in backend field creation tool. Same issue.

    These fields are also displaying on options pages. That is where the issue seems to be occurring. Not sure if this is related.

    These are the exact errors I’m getting:
    Warning: Illegal string offset ‘acfcloneindex’ in /home/creare/webapps/creare_websites_wpms/wp-content/plugins/advanced-custom-fields-pro/pro/fields/repeater.php on line 161

    Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /home/creare/webapps/creare_websites_wpms/wp-content/plugins/advanced-custom-fields-pro/pro/fields/repeater.php on line 292

    I guess I’m asking, what else should I look for?

    Thanks in advance.

    Running WP 4.4.1