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  • Hi Airsvsg

    Finally got back onto this…

    I am trying to post some fields into an existing custom post type that already has ACF fields. But I’m getting a 500 error…
    {“code”:”cant_update_item”,”message”:”Cannot update item”,”data”:{“status”:500}}

    This is what I am using… Am I missing something?

    {“acf”: {
    “status”: “active”,
    “SAPCode”: “123456”,
    “SublessorSAPCODE”: “345678e”,
    “publicliabilityinsurance”: “23-06-2016”,
    “workCoverInsurance”: “20-08-2016”,
    “Type”: “contractor”,
    “subTypeContractor”: “plumbing”,
    “Email”: “[email protected]”,
    “phone”: “07 3725 6100”,
    “facsimile”: “”,
    “afterHoursTelephone”: “”,
    “Location”: “K1, South Gate East Commercial Centre”,
    “tenantAdministrator”: “”,
    “companyWebsite”: “”