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  • Hi dj,

    the developer of ACF does not get to these forums much and spends most of his time working on the plugin. This forum is basically for users helping other users.

    For anyone that is having a compatibility issue with another plugin I would suggest submitting a new support ticket. There is a message at the top of the page when you start a new forum topic that reads

    Please note that forum topics are no longer used as support tickets. Instead, please open a support ticket

    that includes a link to open a new support ticket. You can also get there by going to the support home page and on the right sidebar you’ll find a button for starting a new support ticket. You can also click this link.

    As far as yoast goes, I’ve been following what’s going on with it because I use it on many sites. One of the issues it has, from my understanding, is that when you have the default WP content editor then it doesn’t work, as well as other things.

    I have personally decided to not update to the 3.X version and I’m looking for a suitable replacement, which I’m not having much luck with. There are others, but they are incomplete as far as SEO goes. More than likely I’m going to end up building my own SEO plugin using ACF.