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  • Actually… since I opened this thread I’ve completely removed the defective Yoast SEO plugin – then I went through wordpress to obtain the old version 2.x of the plug in and install it which went back to working as it did.

    However, subsequent to that, I’ve heard people tell me that the 2.x version of Yoast was updated because it was defective and had vulnerabilities – good grief. I’ve still got it installed and actually updated to Yoast 3.7 when it came out several weeks ago now. Nothing had changed! IT WAS STILL DEFECTIVE AND BORKED ALL OVER THE PLACE if I had ACF turned on. If I turned ACF off Yoast worked; BUT, as I said before, pretty much YOAST is fluff and I can program the stuff in the head of the templates. ACF is not because I’ve got hundreds of posts which rely on the custom fields. ACF wins!

    IN ADDITION: After a few weeks of troubleshooting Yoast, I began to notice that my Google referrals started dropping off dramatically and I found that the Yoast SEO 3.7 was screwing up the sitemap sent to Google. So, I’ve also had to turn off the Yoast breadcrumb function and install another program to handle creating the sitemap – which has fixed the Google recognition problem.

    A drawback of continuing to use the old version of Yoast is that it continually nags me to update and shows that there is one outdated plugin. Yoast apparently doesn’t give a crap about the free plugin anymore, and I’m guessing his ego doesn’t let him even consider that it might be his problem and not ACF, so he hasn’t had any bug fixes rolled out for over two weeks now!

    Until there is a version 3.8 out I won’t bother with him, and even then ACF will still win if he doesn’t fix his defective programming.