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  • Hi

    Is there any news on this issue? There must be a massive amount of sites out there that use both yoast and acf. Seems to me they are two of the most used plugins in the world. But yoast doesnt recognise any acf content as far as I can tell.

    I have just made a large site that uses acf for the bulk of content with the result that the yoast seo scores are terrible for every page and post!

    Surely it is in the interests of everyone that a solution is found for this, presumably by acf and yoast working together?

    I did have a plugin that dealt with this issue, but recent updates to acf have, I think, caused it to show errors in the cms so I have had to remove it.

    Both acf and yoast seo are great plugins, pretty much essential I think, but now I have to go and tell my client the yoast is pretty much meaningless.

    Thanks for listening.