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  • Hi Elliott,

    I am also having this problem with if(have_rows…..

    I am on version 5.3.0 – I know there is a more current update, but right now I’m not able to update because we are working through troubleshooting some plugin conficts that started occurring after I recently updated several, including ACF – I had to roll back on all of them (including ACF, to 5.3.0) until I figure out the problem.

    Right now when I use if(have_rows on a post and there is no data for that repeater field attached to that post, it is still follows the code and outputs the HTML that it should not output….I tried the suggestion made by @ms-studio over a year ago of wrapping my code in something similar to this:

    $acf_repeater_field = get_field(‘acf_repeater_field’);
    if ( !empty( $acf_repeater_field ) ) :
    // ETC

    But that doesn’t work. Was this problem fixed in the most current update? Is there a different workaround I can use until I can update?