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  • Perhaps I might have titled: Yoast SEO update incompatible with ACF. Frankly, I don’t know what has borked – clearly Yoast’s new programming has highlighted the issue.

    Also, it is NOT only the ACF fields that Yoast doesn’t have a clue of – it’s the entire post (years worth). Were working, now not. And not over the entire usership – only those who have ACF installed.

    I’m sure that Google does its own thing – however, if you read all the flack going on in their forums – people now state that Google doesn’t recognize their home page (perhaps an entirely different issue but who can tell).

    So, I think it behooves us all to try and assist in resolving issues. Not being a developer, about the only thing I can do is to report my findings, which is what I am trying to do. None of the other plugins that I’m using seem to be causing the issue – only ACF. It may not (probably isn’t) anything ACF is doing – unless they are using some function name localized (accidentally?) to the same thing the Yoast people are now using?? Or aren’t resetting some kind of index pointer???

    I would have hoped by now that Yoast’ites would have made direct contact with ACF to discuss the issue – it doesn’t look like they have. In fact it’s going on 4 weeks now since there’s been an update and they’re still getting stung hard by large amounts of “1” ratings. Both of these plugins are used by an incredible number of the community – it’s disheartening to have this happen to two such icons.