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  • John, I’m liking the functionality of your plugin so far. One issue I have with it is in fields with conditional logic. If I have a field group that contains a radio button (0 : URL, 1 : Page, 2 : Download, etc.) and a relevant field displayed depending on the choice made (e.g. Url, Relationship, File, etc.), then things work OK, ONLY when the field group is included once in another field group. The moment I add a second instance of the included field group, the display messes up. In fact, only the radio buttons from the LAST included field operate – and they affect all the conditional field for all the included field groups.

    In operation, the data is all saved fine, so I can (myself) get around the issue by using this last radio button group to toggle the relevant fields for all of the included groups and set the relevant fields for each, then end with the final group. But this will not be acceptable for my clients, and is obviously not the desired behaviour. I assume the javascript that initiates the conditional fields needs some modification. Hopefully there’s a filter that can be used for that.

    Otherwise I have no issues with the plugin so far. Great work! Let me know if you need some help. I don’t have a great deal of time right now, but to move forward with this plugin, I would need this to work, so am willing to help you on it.