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  • P.S.

    After import is done, in Database, I see that values are given for that specific field like this:

    _product_to_review | field_55673b42dafbd
    product_to_review | 385

    It seems to be correct, if I submit all this info manually, when everything is working fine, this is exactly the same values for the Meta Value, that I get in Database.

    So, if I manually choose some product in dropdown, in the POST OBJECT type field, lets say that product has post ID 385. I click save / update, and value gets stored and is visible on frontend as well.

    But If I do the import, value is stored in database, however, in the backend when I go inside the edit window for that review, the dropdown field (POST OBJECT) is empty, no value preselected and doesnt show up on frontend as well.