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  • John,

    Thank you so much for the insight and guidance. I have gleamed from further research that the filters are iffy in the order actions as you mentioned.

    In my case I have a ‘first_name’ and ‘last_name’ CFs. My goal is to inject a Relationship field that lets the user select the Teacher and of course order that list by ‘last_name’. Obviously the Relationship field is pulling and utilizing the title for presentation. I am not even sure if i can change this. Not really my issue here.

    As everything stands right now everything works outside of the order. I can see how the suggested solution might be able to work for me but I would love just a little clarification. I am brand new to ACF so i appreciate any further guidance if possible.

    Q: But are you saying I should dynamically have the ‘last_name’and/or ‘first_name’ populate a Select Field and then have that be the new relationship field (ie ‘first_and_last_name’)?

    Q: If so then does that infer i would set the order of the list BEFORE the Relationship pulls the data in from that dynamic Select field?

    Again, I want to thank you John for taking the time to guide me in the issue.