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  • @hube2 Thanks for your suggestions. I think allowing the scripts to run for longer for a specific post type is a decent approach given how it works now, but i worry how it might affect DB and general server performance if it is taking 10s of minutes to run. Do you know if ACF Pro might resolve the above issues…. I’ve read about Local JSON and more advanced JSON read/write functionality, and I wondered if this might help?

    It seems a shame that ACF isn’t able to deal with the case of a large set of fields. I’d be interested to know what @elliot thinks of this and whether it would be possible to improve the update mechanisms here. After a while the whole page just becomes unmanageable as nothing is able to be updated. Even if there were 4500 or so fields on the page, doing an update of 4500 rows of a database shouldn’t take that long?! But there are clearly optimisations that could be made here. i.e. why update anything if it hasn’t changed?

    Is there another approach that perhaps we’re not thinking about here?