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  • I got as far as to make the custom post type and re-create/assign the page template, which uses the page builder, for the post type. I want some of each sport page to be editable, but some parts of it to output strictly the acf fields that are shown. So I’ve added a code section in the page builder, and so far have managed to get this, with your help, in that part…

    <h3>Coaching Staff</h3>
    <div class="coach_name">[acf field="coaching_staff_0_coachs_name"], [acf field="coaching_staff_0_coachs_title"]</div>
    <div class="coach_contact">Phone: [acf field="coaching_staff_0_coachs_phone"] | <a href='mailto:[acf field="coaching_staff_0_coachs_email"]'>E-Mail</a></div>
    <div class="coach_bio">[acf field="coaching_staff_0_coachs_biography"]</div>

    I don’t know enough about building page templates or php to create the full page that way, wish I did! I’ve hired people to make them for some other sites, but had a little extra time and wanted to try to learn a little more 😉