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  • I doubt this is something that will be added to ACF since it’s a compatibility problem with another plugin, that’s part of what I do, solve problems. this was actually a fairly easy one. I had a feeling that the responsive image plugin was filtering the_content even before I looked and I know that ACF does not use the_content on wysisyg fields. I’m assuming that if WP adds this to core that they’ll add this to part of the content filters like autop and the like and then the developer of ACF will probably add it to ACF. So you’ll need to look out for the potential of having images filtered twice at some point I guess.

    I suppose it should be done so that potential errors can be avoided.

    if (function_exists('tevkori_filter_content_images')) {
        add_filter('acf_the_content', 'tevkori_filter_content_images', 5, 1);