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  • Hi @breadadams

    It could be a nice update. I think that the reason it’s not been implemented is due to the way taxonomies shared terms in WordPress up until just recently with 4.3 (and in 4.4 the taxonomy parameter for functions such as get_term_by will be optional). That could cause a clash if there was multiple taxonomies terms to choose from since it would be impossible to know which taxonomy the user means to select the term for. It’s a bit messy to try to explain but hopefully you get my point 🙂

    However now that these have been completely separated in 4.3 I can’t see why it would not work any more. I’ll assign this to @elliot so he can say his two cents about it when he’s got the time.

    In the meantime you could create your own field type for this.. just base it on the current taxonomy field and you’ll probably wont have to tweak much.