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  • Ah..

    Well ACF does not attempt to do anything to your theme or frontend on it’s own. The wrapper attributes you are all referring to are not something that would automatically be applied to frontend when you use have_rows.. It’s a way to customize the layout of the fields in admin..

    So for instance you could set with to 50% on two fields below each other to make them appear side by side in wp admin. Or if you require to run some custom javascript in admin and target specifik ACF fields you could give them all a custom class name to target.

    Any and all output of ACF field values in your themes has to be done by yourself. And setting classnames or IDs on your elements in the theme is super simple
    <div class="my-class" id="my-specific-id"></div>

    And say you want all elements with my-class to have 50% width you’d set this in your style.css
    .my-class{ width: 50%; }

    Hope that clears it up for you!