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  • Sorry for the delay in getting back to this…

    One question I have, perhaps because I’m not understanding _quite_ how this works, is how to I actually fetch the saved value of that custom field.

    IE I have a profile form where the user will type in a password.

    Then I have the above function you suggested in my functions.php and I’m using a wp_mail() function to test what its doing/returning…

    wp_mail( '[email protected]', 'test', $post_id.' / '.get_field('user_password', $post_id));

    IE this is where I’d have the wp_set_password() function.

    What I’m getting from the above is

    user_1 /

    get_field('user_password', $post_id) isn’t returning anything.

    So how do I actually get the value of that field?