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  • no, sorry, I wasn’t clear in my explanation.

    I have an Options Page dedicate to a specific website page (i.e. Contact Us)
    in it I have a repeater, and in each row, I store a some text (textarea), and a label (text field)

    I do have posts that when in a specific category, do have a timepicker and a select box that is populated with the labels (text field) in each row of the Options Page … this way I can choose which text I want to use in the Contact Us page for a specific time span (i.e. during sales).

    in the Options Page’s repeater I also included a radio button.
    I would like for it to work across the Repeater’s rows so that I can pick the default text to be selected when populating the Select box for the first time or to be used in the Contact Us page when no posts in that category are present.

    I hope I made sense…