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  • I got frustrated with the woocommerce templates. So I overrode them completely for my post pages.

    I took my page.php and renamed it woocommerce.
    Added a function to my functions.php that groups the woocommerce products with regular posts so that the global wp-query calls them in.
    Then created my own templates for page layouts and called in the fields from ACF and woocommerce in the places I want.

    The cart though, that is the typical woocommerce template.
    I have the child folder in my theme.
    Location in woocommerce is….
    Plugins > woocommerce > cart > cart.php

    I played around with it a bit, but really don’t know what the preface is before using the_field();

    The other guy who solved his own problem and didn’t post the solution claimed it was stupid simple. So I’m expecting it’s a simple solution and I’m being a bit dense on this….