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  • I agree, I’ve already installed in on all the sites I maintain. I have a lot of client sites to worry about and there may be something particular that causes the problem; better to be safe than sorry. I also put in in the mu-plugins folder so they couldn’t deactivate it. The last thing I need is my coworkers screaming at me because the clients are screaming at them because data is missing in 100+ product categories. Our updates usually trail behind a bit, we usually don’t update until after the first WP minor update in a series, like 4.3.1.

    To test the plugin and get it working I set up a test site with only WP and ACF installed and I created many duplicate terms in tags and categories and an ACF field group attached to both of them. Then I took the site through the update process from 4.0 to 4.1 to 4.3 to 4.3 several times. Basically it took me about 10 hours to get it working and most of that time was spend reverting the site to 4.0 and going through the update process.

    The place I found the most errors with data missing was happening after updating to 4.3. The actual update does not cause the terms to be split. This actually happens when you open a term to edit it. When you do this it appears that WP looks at all of the terms in the current taxonomy, sees if any of them shared in another taxonomy and splits off the terms in the other taxonomy instead of splitting off the terms in the taxonomy you’re editing the term in.

    Heh, I’m weird so for me it was actually a fun exercise, and it was something I was a bit worried about and needed to do.