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  • Hi.

    I think my problem is the same as the other guys here. I’ll try to describe it.

    – Make a clean install of WP, only with ACF PRO and WPML
    – Set up WPML with two languages (say, English and Danish)
    – Make a ACF Field Group.
    – On the Edit Field Group page, in the bottom box “Multilingual content setup”, check “Make fields groups translatable” and click “Save”.
    – Still on the Edit Field Group page, in the language widget, check “Duplicate” and click the button “Duplicate”.
    – The expected behaviour would be to get a duplicated field group in Danish that you could unlink from the English version yourself if you wanted. Instead you get an independent field group which is a translation of the English field group.
    – Also, in the bottom box “Multilingual content setup”, the expected behaviour is to have a list of custom fields so you can choose which to copy and which to translate to other languages. On the Edit Field Group page, this list is empty.

    This is a problem because you don’t want independently translated field groups when you have 5 languages as I have on our production site. Then you would have to update 5 field groups for each change you make.

    I reached out to WPML also. They have escalated the issue to their developers, but that is two weeks ago so I thought maybe you could look into it. It only happens in ACF PRO, not ACF 4. So you probably changed something in PRO that WPML was not prepared for?

    Let me know if I can provide any more info to help locate the issue.

    And thanks for a great plugin!