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  • Hi John,

    Thanks for your guidance 🙂

    Just so I understand you correctly, here’s a screenshot of my settings when creating the Custom Field:

    And here’s a screenshot of how it appears to the user:

    As you can see, -Select- is added, but it still gets ignored in favour of the first actually entry (Aberdeenshire). If I switch to this: (with allow null now set to ‘No’. Then the user gets this with no -Select-

    With the first case I inspected the select box element and saw this:

    As you can see the -Select- option is ignored and ‘Aberdeenshire’ is selected like so: <option value="Aberdeenshire" selected="selected">Aberdeenshire</option>

    I should also note I have tried both of those set ups above with a default value of null as here:

    And also -Select – as here:

    Is this what you’d expect to see based on your explanation above?