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  • You know exactly where I’m coming from. The reason I use WP is so that I don’t need to take care of changing things like images and diging through old code every time the client wants something changed 🙂

    What got me started on this was a site I recently built where the client wanted responsive background images and all of these images had text over them, real text, no in the images. When the images were reduced in size they got shorter so that the text overflowed the image. I needed to build a special tool just for them so that they could specify different background images for 6 different screen widths.

    I have another client that is a bit more technically savvy that’s manually editing the srcset attributes of image elements to do the work, but this is an exception, most of my clients would not be able to accomplish it.

    I like to keep things like this in mind so that the next time I can do something better, either when I’m working on a project that needs or I get enough time to do it. Getting time does not happen frequently, but winters coming, which is usually when I get more time for my own projects.