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  • The Issue
    To illustrate the issue, lets say DevA and DevB have identical local copies.
    1. DevA makes a change to My Field Group
    2. acf-json/group_xxx.json is overwritten automatically
    3. DevA commits and pushes group_xxx.json
    4. DevB pulls group_xxx.json
    5. DevB syncs My Field Group from within the ACF admin
    6. acf-json/group_xxx.json is overwritten automatically
    // now the bad stuff
    7. DevB commits and pushes group_xxx.json (although the only thing that changed is the modified date)
    8. DevA pulls and is notified by ACF admin that there is something to sync (although nothing has changed)
    With poor communication this could conceivably go on forever.

    What we do
    Instead of step 7+ we immediately do a git checkout acf-json/group_xxx.json after a sync to stop the loop.