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  • Hi @pkarjala

    I see your issue. The thing about the conditional fields is that they are more about showing/hiding fields in the backend than deleting information.

    Consider a situation where someone want to show different information on a page depending on the season. For this they have radiobuttons to set which season it is and use conditional logic to show different fields (maybe wysiwyg, image field etc.) depending on autumn, winter, spring and summer. This information is the same each year. Then on the front-end they get the value of the radiobutton and show the fields accordingly. This way they can just switch between the different seasons and their information is still there ready to be used.

    What I’m trying to say is that it’s not entirely a black/white situation 🙂 I’ve had clients with similar situations as above which would hate it if a condition deleted the information. There’s also the danger of accidentally triggering a conditional (maybe accidentally check a different category on a post) and it would suck to have the content you just put in removed. But I guess you’d also have to save the post..

    This is just my thoughts on the subject.

    I’ll assign this to @elliot and we’ll see what he thinks 🙂