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  • John! I found the issue after I did somme commenting out in my functions.php
    I had this function in there for a long time by now, seems that at this moment, it breaks the update process of anything related to post.php. Here’s the function:

    //Auto add and update Title field:
    	function my_post_title_updater( $post_id ) {
    		$my_post = array();
    		$my_post['ID'] = $post_id;
    		$my_post['post_title'] = get_field('kop');
    		// Update the post into the database
    		wp_update_post( $my_post );
    	// run after ACF saves the $_POST['fields'] data
    	add_action('acf/save_post', 'my_post_title_updater', 20);

    I use this function to update my post’s/page’s title field with an ACF field value, do you have any clue on why it breaks now?