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  • As I said, this is a user help forum where users help users. There are some of us that help out a little more than others, but as a general rule Elliot and the regular support staff do not read and respond here. That is what support tickets is for.

    This is also a forum for help with things that are generally specific to ACF. As I’ve said in previous replies, I have a testing site that has the most recent version of WP and the most up to date version of ACF installed. I have one for ACF5 and one for ACF4. Without any plugins other than ACF installed and using the default WP theme I cannot recreate the errors that you’re seeing. This means that the error is not related to ACF but that there is some other bug or problem.

    At this point you need to be able to do some basic debugging to find the cause of the fatal error that’s causing PHP to show only a white sceen. The best way to do this is to turn on display of PHP errors on your server.

    I really have no idea what display_errors = MAMP_display_errors_MAMP does. I would alter php.ini to show errors on the screen and I would alter the errors that are displayed to E_ALL. For more information on this you can see this page on PHP configuration