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  • Hi John,

    Ive done a completely new local install of WordPress, I only installed ACF Pro and copied the theme from my original site to this new one and activated it.

    so in other words, everything is brand new, except for the theme.
    Now when I try to update a page, I still have the same white screen of death, this time without ANY error notice….
    some more info:

    – When I enable twentyfifteen theme and ACF Pro, and and create a field group to appear on all pages, and create a new page with custom fields in it, it works!

    here’s an important one:
    – With my custom theme and ACF Pro enabled, no field groups assigned to pages (just basic title and WYSIWYG editor), creating and updating pages works…..

    Again, I have this on multiple sites now, so it’s not just a one website situation.

    Any further clues?