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  • You can just change the option of that field to

    Select multiple values? to Yes

    The difference is that if that is set to No, then you’ll get a single post object, but if it’s set to Yes then you’ll get an array of post objects, and the loop for displaying them would be different.

    The following would replace the field loop if you set the field to allow multiple selections.

      if (get_field('event_session')) {
        while (has_sub_field('event_session')) {
            <strong><?php the_sub_field('session_start'); ?></strong>
            <?php the_sub_field('session_title'); ?><br />
            <!-- Start of speaker list -->
            <div class="speaker_list">
                $sessionspeakers = get_sub_field('session_speaker');
                if ($sessionspeakers) {
                  $count = 0;
                  echo 'Speakers: ';
                  foreach ($sessionspeakers as $speaker) {
                    $speakerlink = get_permalink($speaker->ID);
                    $speakerurltext = get_post_meta($speaker->ID, 'speakerurltext', true);
                    // if 'speakerurltext' is an acf field you could use
                    // $speakerurltext = get_field('speakerurltext', $speaker->ID);
                    if ($count > 1) {
                      echo ', ';
                    echo $speaker->post_title;
                  } // end foreach speakers
                } // end if speakers
        } // end while has_sub_field
      } // end if get_field

    If you’re only allowing one selection then you would not need a loop for the speakers.