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  • Hi John,

    Thank you for your reply. Probably I didn’t make myself clear and you are misunderstanding the issue. I’m not trying to duplicate a “Field Group”, but I’m trying to do is duplicating a “flexible content” field inside the same field group. My intention is not to create another field group but to just duplicate a field in the same field group. I understand that creating a separate field group will create a separate JSON file, but adding a new field (by duplicating one of the existing) should update the existing one.

    Once again, the issue that I’m reporting is when you duplicate a “field” , specifically a “flexible content” field that contains repeaters. Duplicating the field and saving this field group will create a duplicated field but with some attributes lost.

    Hope this explanation is a bit more clear than the others. Try to duplicate a flexible content field inside the provided field group instead of duplicating the whole field group. In order to see the missing data, you probably will need to go the post type attached to this group field.