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  • Okay, I think I’ve narrowed down the bug.

    In my original ‘Columns’ layout I had a radio button so people could select the column layout they wanted, for example “100%” or “33% / 66%” or “33% / 33% / 33%”.

    I set up 3 WYSIWYG editors and used conditionals to hide/show them in the editing panel based on what the user selected. So if you chose “100%” you’d see just one editor (this is the default), if you chose “33/66” you’d see two editors, and 3 editors for 33/33/33.

    So here are the steps to recreate the issue.

    1. Add a new ‘column’ layout on a page, select ’33/66′ and enter content in the two visible editor panels.
    2. Add another column’ layout, select ’33/33/33′ and enter content in the three editor panels.
    3. Save/update the page, you now have 2 column layouts displaying, the first with 2 columns, the second with 3.
    4. Click the (-) symbol to delete the 33/33/33 layout. WITHOUT SAVING, add another ‘column’ layout in the same spot. By default it shows with one 100% editor showing, and it’s blank. Looks like a totally empty row. Choose 33/66 – both still blank – same for 33/33/33. Now switch back to 100% and the single editor, enter a piece of content, and “Update” the page.
    5. Now look at the front end – your second column layout will show your new content in the first column/editor space, and the old content (that you thought was deleted) in the other two spots – still 3 columns. It’s like a magic trick. 🙂

    So, the “fix” is to delete all content out of all three Editors, save the page, then delete the layout, then save the page again – every time you want to delete a layout row. If you don’t do that, and get too many layout addition/deletions down the road, it becomes impossible to find the content that’s saved in the db because it doesn’t appear in the WYSIWYG editors when you add new layout rows.

    Or is it just me? 🙂 I just updated to the most recent ACF Pro though I’m not on 4.3 yet.