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  • No it doesn’t give any info on that. The basic problem I found is that it will import the address, and it shows up in the ACF Google Map field, but since i’m not importing any coordinates, it doesn’t actually make the map itself do anything. The data is just in the address field above the map in the back end.

    So essentially its there, and just needs something to ‘trigger’ it (aka click on the address, hit enter, and it finds it fine).
    But I need something to do this automatically, so we don’t have to go into 7000 posts and do it.

    WPAI support did say this:

    currently there is no geocoding feature included on the import of ACF Google Map fields. You would need to directly import the latitude and longitued values if you want the map to be automatically rendered without any manual trigger. Entering just an address is not enough to render a map.

    You could automate this by creating a custom php function that calls on the geocoding API of your choice (most commonly the Google Maps API) and get the lat/long details based on your street address.

    But i have no idea how to event start looking into that.