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  • It’s as if the plugin is causing ACF to behave as if you have the field set to return the image ID rather than an image array.

    Well, I can help you with a hack, but not finding the cause of or fixing the incompatibility. I’m afraid that fixing it will take several hours of debugging.

    Here is a hack to try, no guarantee it will work though

    $image = get_field('logo', 'option');
    if (!is_array($image)) {
      $image = acf_get_attachment($image);
    $url = $image['url'];

    To get this fixed properly, you should probably contact the plugin author for the filter plugin. You might get a run-a-round unless you can point to a bug in their code though.

    You can also thy submitting a new ticket here The ACF support staff may be able to help you, but that I can’t say. I only help out here of the forum.