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  • Thanks @hube2 – I wasn’t aware that topics needed to be flagged. Does Elliot not read the Bug Reports forum?

    Regarding your statement “it’s a radio button, of course it’s required”, I think we’re kind of talking at cross-purposes. You’re talking about the code needing one of the options to be checked in order to provide information. I’m talking about the user being required to take an action.

    Say I have a form that asks for the user’s age range. The options are “Under 21” or “21+”. In order to answer the question, of course, one of these is required – but maybe I don’t care if the user answers the question; or maybe I do. But one of the radio inputs being required in order to answer the question is a different issue from the question be required to have an answer.

    If the form always has “Under 21” checked when the form loads, how do I know if the user just didn’t bother changing it? Or passed over it by accident? I know you suggested that I should have a third option “Rather not say” that would be the default – but what if the information is mandatory?

    You could make the argument that a <select> element could be used, but selects are meant for combining mid- to large- size groups of options in a compact display. When you only have 2 options (or only a small number), radio inputs are clearer and easier to use. For mandatory questions with binary options they are the exact right solution.