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  • @hube2
    There is no reason that one radio button from a set has to be pre-selected. Mozilla’s section on the <input> element says nothing to that effect (

    ACF has a “Required” setting for radio fields, which is completely redundant if one of them is always pre-selected.

    ACF also has a setting for radio fields called “Default Value”, with the description “Appears when creating a new post”. If there is nothing entered there, it follows that nothing should be set as the default.

    All this would be academic, but the functionality I am describing has a particular (and important) use: A set of radio buttons with none pre-selected is a well-established way to ensure that users have to make a decision about relevant question/setting/etc. In other words, they are a way to get the form to generate an error if the user hasn’t selected one of the options. This is not possible if one of the radio inputs is always pre-selected.