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  • Having an interesting problem while trying to display the results.

    I made a gist of my code:

    I’m following the basic loop with postdata example from

    It is correctly echoing the title of the related town, but for the county it’s echoing the title of the “Hello World!” example post. Is that because $posts = get_field('town') and $town = get_field('town') are so similar? I have no idea. And, interestingly, it echoes the title of the town for the state.

    So, this is what the output looks like:

    Town: Burgerstadt
    County: Hello world!
    State: Burgerstadt

    When it should look like:

    Town: Burgerstadt
    County: Nuechtegall
    State: Minnesota

    And yes, those, save for Minnesota, are filler nonsense names 😉