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  • theoretical it could both (front and back-end) could be solved by adding a radio button before the image & textfield with left and right. and then add a logical condition based on this field. add twice the text and image field with same names, once ordered image first once text first.

    • radio button: with values left and right
    • imagefield with condition left
    • textfield with condition left
    • textfield with condition right
    • imagefield with condition right

    at php use value of radio button to show image at left or right

    $my_image_position = get_sub_field('my_image_position');
    if($my_image_position == "left"){the_sub_field('my_image'); the_sub_field('my_text');}
    if($my_image_position == "right"){the_sub_field('my_text'); the_sub_field('my_image');}