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  • Guess 1 :

    In my case, it seems it is the great number of TinyMCE WYSIWYG that slows things down. I’ve looked at the code in acf-input.js and there’s a different tinymce.init for every field (which is logical), but since mine were had all the same params, I’ve tried to “cache” all the ones with the same params to init them all at the same time in the same call, but the only effect that had was to prevent loading the CSS files again and again. Which didn’t correct the problem completely even though I saw a really small difference in loading time.

    Guess 2 :
    My other guess is the WOFF fonts. I don’t know why, but in my Chrome developer tools, I see those loading right after as if they were the one to block the loading. Couldn’t figure out why the server wouldn’t cache them, which should rule out that guess as well.

    Guess 3 :
    Before activating script debug mode, it seemed to block ad a load-scripts.php call with a lot of scripts in it. But after activating the debug mode, I’ve seen it didn’t seem to be this one that was causing the slowdown, but much more the 54 calls to tinymce.js… Why 54? I don’t know. I only had 25 tinymce fields in view at the time.

    Guess 4 :
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