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  • I currently have the same issue. I am also using a lot more conditionals than it should be because tabs seem to have a problem with them. When there is, let’s say, a field to check (true/false) that makes a tab and its sub-fields appear, the tab appears but the sub-tabs aren’t checked on by the conditionals. In other words, if they are set to appear at another conditional inside the tab, they still are showing.


    – Show content boxes (checkbox = checked)
    — Tab showing wysiwyg boxes (appears as per conditional)
    — Content box wysiwyg (showing as per conditional)
    — Show alternate content (checkbox = not checked)
    — Alternate content box wysiwyg (showing, conditional not respected)

    I had to add a conditional that applies to each sub field that checks both checkboxes (inside and outside the tab) which adds a lot more than necessary and slows down everything.

    Maybe using Zepto instead of jQuery would help out fiddling a little less with the dom? Is all the dom play necessary?