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  • Hi Alex,

    It would be hard to do this without saving the options page between putting in the events and then putting in contacts.

    However. You could do a check on loading of the “events” field inside contacts wether there exists some values in the Events repeater and add them as choices as a select field (for example).

    Here’s a snippet you can use as a base that should get you rolling:

    function my_acf_load_field( $field ){
    	$events = get_field('events', 'options'); //the repeater for events
    	if( $events ){
    		foreach( $events as $event ){
    			$field['choices'][$event['eventname']] = $event['eventname'] . ' (' . $event['eventdate'] . ')';
        return $field;
    // acf/load_field - filter for every field
    add_filter('acf/load_field/field_key_for_events_subfield_here', 'my_acf_load_field');