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  • Hi @scohenkcpt-org

    Some nice feature requests. I will attempt to respond to at least some of them:

    Put Field Group into Tabs.
    We can already do this with the fields.

    A field group is essentially a CPT post while a tab is just a field type (meta information for that field group) so placing a field group within a tab is a big challenge. I suppose it would be possible to add another field group as a subgroup of a field group by a new field type. It would not be limited to just a tab tho. There is however a few rather big issues. First off, what if the two field groups have conflicting location rules/hide rules etc? Secondly, the layouts (in admin) could quickly get very complicated with nested tabs within different field groups, field sizes etc. etc. Perhaps Elliot think this is a good idea anyway, perhaps not. I will post it as a suggestion and we’ll see what he thinks.

    Move a field.

    This is already possible with the exception of field group to field group. You can move a field around freely in and out of repeaters, flexible fields, tabs etc. by simply dragging and dropping.

    Make a custom dynamic field.

    You can already achieve your example by using filters provided in ACF.
    And most fields can be dynamically modified however you see fit using that or other filters available. Most users of ACF does not require this however so I think adding it as some sort of complex visible settings to the fields or field groups is a bad idea. It’s better to keep advanced functionality in hooks for developers to tinker with 🙂

    Ability to add a css class to field types.

    I think in recent version of ACF you’ll now get the field name as a class in the input (or wrapper of the input). That can be used to pretty easily style a field in admin. I do understand that you might want to add a more generic class to many different fields in the same field group tho. Using the acf/load_field filter you can hook into any fields you want and add your own classes:

    function my_acf_load_field( $field ) {
    	$field['wrapper']['class'] = 'customclass';
    	return $field;
    add_filter('acf/load_field', 'my_acf_load_field'); //hooks into ALL fields.

    More field layout options

    What do you mean by “stack”? You also have the option of “block” which’ll pretty much let you set any widths and they’ll stack up next to each other if space is available.