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  • Hi @jonathan, i was thinking more of a checkbox with the sync options (i still want to delete/readd fields on some other fields) :).

    In my case i don’t want to use WPMU, it’s just that i have many websites to manage/create and want to have my own flexible content fields, which are made into bootstrapped modules (like the drag & drop ones work).

    But updating them to each site would be great, but some of those sites require either some custom flexible content fields or something else added (based on content/product etc.) and those would get overwritten with the sync (the problem is that i can’t create 2 different flexible module groups that have the drag& drop ordering feature etc.). The master was just a name for the most updated custom fields.

    So in the end i would be able to keep the ACF and templates clean throughout the site and update just by copy/pasting the files and syncing the changes. I did stumpble on this improvement when trying to figure out one of my problems here. 🙂

    The child theme approach seems interesting but in my case it may make everything more complex as i use the starter theme.

    I think that one solution to this workflow would be to create a plugin with all the acf fields etc inside it, but i haven’t been able to do that with my limited php skills.